Tonight's Heroes Episode [11-05-07] (SPOILERS) (go back »)

November 5 2007, 10:24 PM

So, here's my thinking on tonight's episode.

Adam, who was "Takeo Kensei" at first, is just like Peter Petrelli.  He can teleport wherever he wants to.  How is this Rachael? Remember when Hiro teleported his princess out of danger, and somehow, Takeo Kensei was right there to see it? Yeah. Absorbed powers from Hiro.  Where his healing power came from... who knows... unless he absorbed Hiro's power, used it, traveled to the future, and absorbed someone's power like Claire's....

I just don't want Peter on the bad side... if being with Adam is the bad side... but if Adam is against Hiro, then it must be...  WAIT A MINUTE. Just figured it out. The man that killed Hiro's father was Adam - Adam swore that as long as he lived he would go after eveyrthing Hiro loved.  Man... he's killing those people.

And Hiro Nakamura was truly Kensei to begin with. Who called it?

Mohinder is going to kill HRG... I mean, he's painted with a smoking gun, and HRG has a bullet in his glasses in the next painting.  This episode, the company starts to persuade Mohinder to kill him and issues him the gun.

Jessica/Nikki has now contracted the virus that will kill almost all humanity...

Dang... what an episode.


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