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Posted by fainaru on May 14, 10 9:21 pm · History

hahah, rachael. thanks for commenting the old layout. xD

Posted by markmejia on Jun 2, 09 7:59 pm · History

cool picure effect u have there.

Posted by michellekdo on May 29, 09 12:02 pm · History

its ok. dont worry bout it thanks anyway

Posted by koobecaf on May 26, 09 11:20 am · History

if you get a request to approve my graphic its a girl and a guy with a heart thats blakc and white it looks like this .jpg please dont let anyone take it, it acutally did take me a while to fix it.

Posted by koobecaf on May 19, 09 7:51 pm · History

A friend is one who believes in you when you have ceased to believe in yourself

Posted by easyjavaprograms on Mar 9, 09 6:28 am · History

how do u make ur own layout

Posted by eden50 on Mar 1, 09 7:51 pm · History

Hi! Thanks. Yur site is awesome ;) I like the layouts you have made :) They rock. I'm hoping to learn really soon ;)

Posted by XbreathlessWhispersX on Feb 17, 09 4:09 pm · History

hey sry for the rly l8 reply, but ya ty on my layout, actually isnt mine, but ya ty much.

Posted by sixto4123 on Feb 16, 09 9:16 pm · History

Hello :)

Posted by mytechnique on Jan 30, 09 3:29 am · History

Yeah, i use Macromedia fireworks at school, but my photoshop is STILL downloading from the bittorrecnt for now 1 week! lol I am going to be using Adobe cs 2 and also animation shop.

Posted by digitalexperience on Jan 29, 09 1:58 pm · History

Hi, I'm new to and I've been trying to figure out the DIV layouts since last night and everytime I copy the code and put it in my about me on myspace it never works all it shows on my profile is a blank screen... I really love the layouts but I can't figure out how to do it.. Can you please help me?? Plzzzz.... Thanks

Posted by aherron18 on Jan 21, 09 5:49 pm · History

Rachael your hair looks great!

Posted by IVIike on Jan 6, 09 7:19 pm · History

haha thanks for the welcome.

Posted by camillaxcullenxpanic on Jan 4, 09 10:30 pm · History

oh thanks so much dear! xDDIm soo animedeprived right now O_O!

Posted by Harppooo on Jan 4, 09 4:45 pm · History

i've got quite a few questions actually : P
thanks for the sweet welcome though, super nice : )

Posted by key-ah-saur on Jan 3, 09 10:10 pm · History

Must be D:, I got cut

Posted by Addmeonmyspace on Jan 3, 09 10:34 am · History

woopsssss.....nvmmm i found it hiihihihi thanks aniways...CB discovered but im blind! hahahahah :PPP and and yah happy new year :D

Posted by buomcondethuong on Jan 3, 09 3:29 am · History

wow!! wayyy backk ..... hihihi :D
um...i use the thing to make my text in bold on my profile...but it dont show up on my page... and i dont know how to fix u know how to??? :(

Posted by buomcondethuong on Jan 3, 09 3:25 am · History

Oh cool! I had seen Eureka 7 like 2 times on adult swim and liked it :DD!!
Now, I wanna see Soul eater if they made it! Thnx for tellin me abt it~>:D!

Posted by Harppooo on Jan 3, 09 12:04 am · History

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